Design Lead for 2015 Re:Invent Keynote »

AWS re:Invent: Keynote Andy Jassy

Creative Director and design lead of keynote presentation for Amazon�s biggest annual conference.

Creative Director & Design Lead »

Save our Sons

Slavery on the high seas. Thailand's $10 billion seafood industry enslaves up to 60,000 workers a year. LPN a Thai NGO and hero of 'Ghost Fleet', a film by Paul Allen's Vulcan Productions, has rescued over 4400 enslaved men. We can do more with your help text 'SOS' to '20222' to donate $10.

Creative Director & Design Lead »


Set the overall brand vision and product strategy to engage a younger demographic, through design execution of logo, packaging, product design guidelines and product design concepts for a new line of more than 100 creative kits and projects geared toward children ages 4 to 11 designed to promote imaginative exploration.

Creative Director, Identity Signage and Wayfinding »

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Icons influenced by music and the trace of a conductor’s baton enhance the performance spaces at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Creative Director, Product Design Lead »

We Made It by Jennifer Garner

Symbol & Phrase Stamp Set

Creative Director & Design Lead »

UM (Universal McCann)

Creative Director and design lead of website for Universal McCann's three brand launches: 2007 "NEXT THING NOW" then, 2009 "UM Curious Minds for Surprising Results" and 2010 "Just Curious?" & "Yes and"

Creative Director, Design Lead »

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company

Celebrating thirty years of cultural and artistic innovation.

Creative Director, Design Lead, Branding »

Amicus Capital

New identity established through site design for seed stage information technology investment fund.

Creative Director, Design Lead

University of California San Francisco

Alice has been working with UCSF Medical Center Design and Construction for over 11 years. From establishing design standards for consultants by designing the Pride in Place intranet website to signage design standards for in room patient care boards.

Creative Director, Brand Strategy & Design Lead »


Identity brand strategy, and design lead. Critique is a collaboration platform for video content that is employed by popular television shows like The Simpsons and Modern Family


City CarShare

A non-profit with a growing user-base developed a revitalized brand to increase awareness and improve accessibility. Partnering with the redevelopment agency to require new affordable housing to include City CarShare.

Project »

University of San Francisco Kalmanovitz Hall

Identity and Wayfinding Program

Brand Identity »

Maura Fernandez Abernethy Design

Brand Identity for MFAd

Project (launch site) »

Culinary Getaways

Unique food and wine experiences in Napa Valley, Provence, Paris and Tuscany.

Project (launch site) »

Three Bridge Wealth Advisors

A Life Well Lived

Publication »

U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services

Wayfinding and Signage in Library Design.

Wayfinding is the methodology of arranging indicators to guide people to their destinations. Signs are tools that aid in wayfinding. Architectural indicators such as light, color, materials, and pathways also play a large role in wayfinding.

Branding »

Interland & Shorenstein

When SMWM partnered with a contending master developer team to craft the project's identity and trademark, we recognized the diversity of the audience we would need to address.

Branding and placemaking »

Galleria Dallas

Lead creative strategy, naming, identity and signage and way finding for a one-of-a-kind world-class facility.

Branding & Identity »


Creative director for the redesign and rebrand of SMWM (previously Simon Martin-Vegue Winkelstein Moris).

Creative Director & Design Lead »

California State University, The WELL

Identity and interior and exterior sign program for The WELL a multi-use wellness facility for California State University, Sacramento State University.

Creative Director, Signage and Wayfinding »

San Francisco Ferry Building

Illustrating the past, present and future to passersby.

Branding & Identity »

HMC Properties

Modular identity system for parent corporation and sub branded system for different service sectors.

Creative Director, Identity, Public Outreach, Masterplan »

Bayview Hunters Point Shipyard

These efforts culminated in a graphic identity and set of key brochures, produced at a point in the process in which the fate of the entire project hung in the balance.

Branding & Identity »

Presto Labs

Led brand strategy and design execution of logo and business system for Presto Labs.

Creative Director

San Francisco Main Library

The Wall of Heroes, for the San Francisco Main Library, captures many of the stories that shaped this cultural icon and the names of individuals who stepped forward offering leadership, perseverance and hope. Select items, big and small, positive and negative, which reflect the dynamic, complex nature and history of the Library system and the city it serves.

Creative Driector »


Identity and Signage for UBS's repositioning of 455 Market a world class office and retail complex located in the heart of downtown San Francisco on the famous city thoroughfare, Market Street. (SMWM)

Brand Identity »

Westward Look Resort

Westward Look Resort in Tucson Arizona.

Creative Director, Book Design »

Treasure Island Community Development

Treasure Island Community Development (TICD)


Blind Babies Foundation

Identity for intervention and education services to who young children are blind or visually impaired.

Creative Director & Design Lead »

Universal Music Group

Creative Strategy and Design execution for Universal's new line of Big Networks and Big Music volumes.

Creative Director »

Cupertino Library

A new identity for Cupertino utilizing sustainable design practices from all LEED categories.

Creative Director, Design Lead Master Plan Book Design »

Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

Boston Central Artery Corridor Master Plan

UX design

Al Fahad Group

Delivering solutions for government and industry

Logo »

Nibbi Construction

The newly-focused visual message of their identity to projected an image of professionalism in keeping with the high quality of their work.

Creative Director, Design Lead »

Alameda Hospital

Wayfinding needs assessment and sign design style guidelines.

Creative Director, Design Lead »

Sister of Mercy Burlingame

Efforts include creating an identity for the Campus that is sensitive to the surrounding residential, a wayfinding sign system to guide first time and repeat visitors to the numerous destinations, improved traffic flow and parking utilization.